Aroon indicator: Aroon Indicators- 2 Best Aroon Oscillator Trading Strategies


As mentioned earlier, nearly all use 25 periods as recommended by Tushar Chande. Formerly, he was responsible for managing and co-managing over $600MM in assets for private households and institutions. Matthew also completed his CFA® charter in 2015, a rigorous professional credential program promoting the highest standards of education, ethics, and professional excellence. Aroon Lines could, therefore, be used by traders to forecast any buying or selling opportunities depending on the strength of each line. If an Aroon Up is above 50% and Aroon Down is below 50%, it could indicate an uptrend.


A consolidation is present when both move lower in parallel fashion or when both remain at low levels . Chartists can use the Aroon indicators to determine if a security is trending or trading flat and then use other indicators to generate appropriate signals. For example, chartists might use a momentum oscillator to identify oversold levels when 25-week Aroon indicates that the long-term trend is up. The Aroon Indicator is a type of technical momentum oscillator that allows traders to see whether an asset is trending, what direction the trend is in, and how strong the trend is. Because it focuses on the price relative to time it can also be used to spot emerging trends and reversals.

Aroon-Up and Aroon-Down are below 20

The primary Aroon buy signal is going to take place when Aroon-Up is moving upwards. As the Aroon-up is increasing going towards the 100 level, the chart will also show the price going in a bullish direction. The rationale behind this is that our chart is now forming these higher highs. We’re getting more bullish candles, which is what the Aroon line is unveiling. Also, be sure to read the Best Candlestick Strategy PDF Guide.

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The following is an optimised strategy based on Bollinger Bands and the Aroon indicator. With over 50+ years of combined trading experience, Trading Strategy Guides offers trading guides and resources to educate traders in all walks of life and motivations. We specialize in teaching traders of all skill levels how to trade stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more. We provide content for over 100,000+ active followers and over 2,500+ members. Our mission is to address the lack of good information for market traders and to simplify trading education by giving readers a detailed plan with step-by-step rules to follow.

How to Use the Aroon Indicator in Both Trending and Range Markets

The Aroon indicator is a nifty little tool that you should keep in your day trading arsenal. It is a visual representation of the price action that you can easily interpret to make your decision about the direction and momentum of the price. There are two lines in the indicator – an Aroon Up and an Aroon Down. The Up line indicates bullish strength and momentum, while the Down line is for bearish strength and momentum. Both lines are plotted on a histogram with a range of 0 to 100, with 100 being the strongest indication of trend.


A Down near 100 means a low was seen very recently. A reading above 50 means that a high/low was seen within the last 12 periods. The indicator consists of the “Aroon up” line, which measures the strength of the uptrend, and the “Aroon down” line, which measures the strength of the downtrend. Steps “2” and “3” for each trade represent prudent risk and money management principles. This simple trading system would have yielded two profitable trades totalling roughly 600 pips. This trading system was profitable for these two situations but remember that not every plan goes according to expectations.

What Is the Aroon Indicator?

If you click on the OK button, the indicator with the default parameters will be added to the chart. Now that you understand how the Aroon indicator works, you can guess that when the newest high is formed during the current trading day, Aroon-Up shows the value of 100. In a continuous uptrend, the Aroon-Up value will be 100, and in the Aroon-Down – 0, respectively. After we reach the 100 level sometimes we’re starting to get periods of little changes. The buy and sell signals for the Aroon are straightforward.

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The indicator with the default values looks like the one above. If you have done everything correctly, the Aroon indicator with the default parameters in the MT5 looks like the one in the above chart. The green line is the Aroon-Up, the red one – the Aroon-Down. I will demonstrate the Aroon settings on the example of the classic version that you can download via this link. The underlying strength of the trend can be revealed through the Aroon lines. More often these Aroon signals will happen before the actual breakout.

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We have added the Average True Range indicator for this purpose in our overview and examples to follow since it helps telegraph a change in investor sentiment. This information, coupled with directional input from the Aroon, can be an effective strategy. The Aroon indicator was developed by calculating two Aroon lines on a chart that usually sits at the top or bottom of a price chart. The Aroon indicator is made up of two plots on the chart, 1) the Aroon Up and 2) Aroon Down. The Aroon indicator is rather intuitive and easy to learn, even for those who have only recently started to trade.

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When a security’s price is on a downtrend with many new lows, the Aroon Down value will be higher resulting in a lower oscillator value. The highs and lows used in the Aroon Up and Aroon Down calculations help to create an inverse relationship between the two indicators. When the Aroon Up value increases, the Aroon Down value will typically see a decrease and vice versa.

This indicator may not be available on all online platforms. The chart also shows numerous cases where the lines move in tandem. Momentum is an excellent measurement to identify potential weakness in the… You can get information about the presence and strength of the trend if you install Aroon Oscillator as a trend filter.

Both trading strategies described above can be used in trading binary options. For short-term contracts, the breakout trading strategy will perfectly suit. Paste the downloaded file into the “Indicators” folder and restart the terminal. After restarting, it will appear in the list of available indicators. You can read more about the procedure for installing various technical analysis tools in MT in my article “Bollinger Bands Indicator in Forex Explained.”

  • High values of the Aroon-Up mean a strong bullish trend, and the Aroon-Down readings suggest the strength of a bearish trend.
  • The bottom line is called “Down” and also shows the number of periods and negative values.
  • If you’re looking to develop your trading skills to correctly read the market strength, check Know Sure Thing Indicator Strategy.
  • If you find the Aroon indicator in this situation, you should definitely look to place a buy order based on your trading system rules.

If you are looking to learn options trading forex online, you will need an account with a forex broker. If you are looking for some inspiration, please feel free to browse my best forex brokers. I have spent many years testing and reviewing forex brokers. IC Markets are my top choice as I find they have tight spreads, low commission fees, quick execution speeds and excellent customer support. You also need to monitor when the indicator breaks through the zero axis.


I have many years of experience in the forex industry having reviewed thousands of forex robots, brokers, strategies, courses and more. I share my knowledge with you for free to help you learn more about the crazy world of forex trading! When the indicators of the instrument break above level 50, we can confidently talk about establishing a bullish trend in the market. Information indicators provide useful trade information that, however, is not a sufficient trading signal.

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